Could i still be pregnant or is it something else

Patient: I feel like im pregnant and i think i missed my period but the test was negative what else could it be?

Symptoms: Peeing a lot, sore breasts, tired, muddled, back hurts, cramps

Doctor: Amenorrhoea or absence of menses may be caused by a wide spectrum of gynecological problems , apart from its commonest c ause; i.e. pregnancy. Thyroid diseases and Polycystic Ovaries are two more common causes of amenorrhoea. Sometimes periods may be delayed by a few days in some, while in others it may take months to show up. The urinary frequency that you mentioned may be related to infection of the urinary passage. The other symptoms are also not normal and may warrant a gynaec visit, physicals and tests including those of blood or urine, as also imaging of the internal organs.