Could it be Rhabdomyolysis?

Patient: I have bn working out for the past three days ,today inclusive,it is accompanying its usual muscle aches especially at the biceps and triceps,but ti woke up this morning with dark brown urine,i admit i didnt have lots of water the previous day,so i drank a litre of water and had my full protein meal and peed about three times this time it was clear ,and headed to the gym,i went about my normal exercise ,after i had a small cup of water right after i went into the shower and realised my urine was paler again,not to the extent of earlier in the morning.I have had a litre of water and its clear again.What could be wrong with me?

Symptoms: Muscle ache after a work out,dark brown urine which becomes clear after drinking water

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor.Excessive work outs can cause muscle injury and can cause such problems.It is diffi cult to state that this is Rhabdomyolysis or not with these details.I would advise you not to consume excessive protein in diet specially the supplements.I would advise you to get following:1. Total CPK levels.2. Serum LDH3. Urine examinationI would advise you to drink plenty of water during the exercises.Avoid any sort of body building supplements.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy.

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Patient: I went to see a doctor ,everything was fine with my urine but my liver enzymes ALT and AST have flared up and are gradually coming down ,10 times nirmql then five times ,i am so confused