Could it be the condom?

Patient: Hello Doc,About a month and a half ago I had unprotected sex with a friend of a friend. I haven’t herd from her on any problems, and I haven’t had any issues until just the other day. She is older and has kids plus she gets tested all the time.So I recently had sex with a close friend of mine on Sunday night. We did use a condom. Right after we finished and I removed the condom and began having a lot of discomfort at the head of my penis. The tip of my penis was red and itchy. Ever since then I have had a tingling sensation at the tip of my penis and I can feel the tingly sensation going back between my legs and even all the way to my anus at some points in the day. Its a very weird tingling sensation, not a burn. When I pee, it almost feels like its scratching the itch I have running through my penis…. The tip of my penis has a dry skin patch just under the tip but I haven’t had any sores or discharge of any kind. Also, my testicles have had a throbbing sensation running through them periodically throughout the day . Kinda feels like a sat on them. Then to top it all off this morning my stool was green. Is it possible I am having a reaction to the condom? and maybe have contracted some kind of infection from the lubricants or latex from the condom? Im so confused and cant afford to go to the doctor…literally