Could Meningitis be a complication of shingles?

Patient: My husband was recently diagnosed with shingles; his symptoms were an intense electic-like shock in the back of his head, behind his right ear and also a blistered rash on the back of his right neck and face. He started the anti-viral medication yesterday. Now, although the electic-like shock in his head is diminished, he says his head is very sensitive or tender and his neck is uncomfortably stiff. Should we be worried about meningitis? There are no fever or chills.

Doctor: Is it highly unlikely that he may be having meningitis. The tenderness is due to the shingles. However there could be a low possibility of contracting a viral meningitis. Keep a check on the symptoms especially the neck stiff ness and if he develops any fever or gets worse please contact a physician in person so as to carry out more tests and investigations. All the best.