Could my mother have had a stroke?

Patient: My mother doesn’t remember what happened the other night. She doesn’t remember our entire 20 min conversation or anything that happend around that time. She doesn’t even remember making some hot chocolate and having a conversation with my father after we spoke. It got her worried, but not enough to go to the doctor. (she is very stubborn) I am extremely worried! All i can think of is that she may have had some kind of stroke. What do you think?

Doctor: I do understand your concern for your mother’s health. What your mother may be experiencing is due to transient global a mnesia. What causes this remains unknown, which most cases may be benign, you may need to take your mother to a neurologist to rule out any underlying cause of amnesia.Transient global amnesia could be related to a transient ischaemic attack specifically a duration of less than 24 hours or due to acute cerebrovascular thromboembolism. Other factors could be due to venous congestion, migraines, epileptic seizures or an underlying psychogenic disorder. The diagnosis of TGA is made on the basis of its clinical features. Diagnostic testing includes oxygenation status, serum electrolytes, glucose, and a toxicology screen. Your mother should also receive thiamine injection.