Could my problem be caused by my ovarian cyst?

Patient: Hello and thank you for your time. I’m 17 and I have a question about ovarian cysts. In the beginning of December I had a kidney stone at the age of 16, which isn’t exactly common. But when they did an ultrasound at the ER they found an ovarian cyst on one of my ovaries. The doctor said they’re usually harmless and go away with time. Well in February I had 2 periods. The second was the heaviest I have EVER had. I fainted at school and stayed home all night and from school the next day due to the severe cramps. My mom didn’t seem to think I needed to see a doctor though because it was only the first time. Well I had a cycle at the beginning of March and I just discovered that I’ve started today. So that would be 4 cycles in 2 months. And I know that isn’t normal. My periods seem to get worse as the days go on. Could this be caused by the cyst? And what can I do to convince my mom to take me to a doctor?