Could the molly i took be fatal? I’m in my teens

Patient: Could the molly i took be fatal?I’m in my teens and usually smoke bud on a regular basis. I have tried a low dosage of molly before and nothing to bad happened. Two days ago (Tuesday morning) a guy I know peer pressured me into taking half a gram before school. (dumbest thing I could have ever done). It was crystal/powder form and wasn’t in a capsule. I took a sip of water and downed and ever since yesterday morning (Wednesday morning) I have felt extremely nauseous and have been puking almost every 30 minutes to an hour and 30 minutes. I’ve been sipping on water and power aid and Gatorade but haven’t been successful in eating so far. I end up puking whatever I eat or drink. I’m seriously starting to get worried because its Thursday morning and I feel the exact same. My mom thinks I have a stomach flu but I know ill have to say what I did if I end up having to go to the hospital because I can’t get anything in my system. My symptoms since Wednesday morning have been the chills on and off. sweating a lot during and right after puking. Feeling nauseous and puking. Then the nausea goes away for about 30 minutes to and hour before it returns and I puke again. Migraines around 10 minutes before puking which goes away after puking. I also feel dizzy and lightheaded right before puking and sometimes I will randomly feel it. I started also getting tingling in my toes, fingers, face and head before puking last night so I forced myself to drink chicken broth with salt and a lot of water. This continued to this morning and I have puked once this morning and feel like I have to right at this moment. I do not want a stupid mistake at a young age to dictate my future on this earth as I have big dreams of going into the military/owning a business in the future. Please help doc. What do u suggest I do and what could happen? Thank you for reading.

Symptoms: Nausea. Puking. Loss of appetite. Sweating. The chills. Migraines. Tingling/numbing throughout body occasionally during puking.