Could these symptoms be a sign of being pregnant on Mirena?

Patient: Hi I currently have Mirena iud (since Feb 2014) insterted, I bleed like a period some months but then others I don’t at all. The past few weeks I have had back pain, cramps, and today I felt a let-down sensation from my breast and if I squeeze I get milk. My question is, could I be pregnant with all these symptoms even though I’m on Mirena?

Symptoms: Laction, cramps, backache, slight nausea

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Mirena IUCD can present with side effects like intermenstrual spotting, amenorrhea, pain abdomen, breast pain etc.Pelvic infection can occur while having IUCD which can present with pain abdomen, back ache etc.Milk production from the breast may not be related to IUCD.The possibility of pregnancy is less while on Mirena, urine pregnancy test helps in ruling out pregnancy.If test gives negative result, pleasedo consult your doctor once, get examined and go for mammography and estimation of prolactin levels.This will help in finding out the possible cause and treating it.Take care.