Could this be a nickel allergy?

Patient: So i am one of the many people out there who has reactions to cheep metal earrings. I have read for many people this is a nickle allergy but i am not sure if this is the case for me. heres the low down of my issuesi can wear sterling silver or goldmy reaction includes: itching swelling and pain (escalates slowly)the reaction starting with itching starts about 1/2 an hr after putting earrings in.swelling doesn’t happen for a long time but after a couple hours they hurt a tiny bit still mostly itchi DONT get rashes, green skin, crusts,blisters ecti CAN wear rings, necklaces bracelets ect that contain nickel with no issue

Doctor: There are cases where sensitivity is seen to metals like gold and silver but not to nickel or chromium (common metals kn own to cause contact dermatitis). So, if you have identified your cause, nothing better than avoiding them all together. However in certain cases, an interface with another metal or rubberized interface may work.