Could this be a yeast infection or herpes

Patient: Hello, I’m concerned about a sexually transmitted infection. About 4 months ago, I had unprotected sex with someone who had genital herpes. They did not inform me that they had a STI, I found out 4 months later. He told me that they were on medication and was not having an outbreak. He also said that when he felt something was coming on that he stayed away from me. I’ve had no breakouts of my knowledge. There is one occurrence that I do remember that scared me though. About a week or so after the last time I had sex with this person, I got sick with Tonsistlis. It’s something I’ve always struggled with because I smoke, and I remember I could feel the sickness coming on. I had to take a strong dosage of 875.MG antibiotics. I took them twice a day and then developed a terrible red vagina area. It was so itchy/burny, and it caused the skin to crack bad. It was very painful. I’ve never taken antibiotics that strong before. I remember I stopped taking the antibiotics due to the pain it caused in my stomach and the nausea. I treated the crack with some monistat ointment, and I believe it healed very fast. Within 2 days or so. A few weeks later, I got sick again since I didn’t finish treatment. I took the antibiotics again, and the crack happened again. I did the same thing and the cream worked. In the last 4 months, these have been the only 2 things that have happened that seem abnormal. I’ve been very stressed out because I lost my job, school is becoming stressful, and now I’m having to worry about all of these things. I was reading where stress is a big trigger for outbreaks as well as periods. My friend who has the STI said if I had it, it would’ve more than likely showed up due to my stress and lack of sleep. I called my doctor and she said that if he wasn’t having an outbreak and that he was on medication, then I have a low chance. She told me that I needed to wait 6 months to get tested to ensure that I had not been exposed to the virus. I have a new partner now and am scared to death that he may catch the virus, and I don’t want to scare him without the facts. Also, ever since I found out I’ve been experiencing tingling, and I’m constantly running to the bathroom to examine myself. I’m not sure if it’s because of my mind playing games on me to make me have this feeling. I was reading online that most people with herpes don’t have blisters and they hardly ever have signs except very mild ones. This is really causing stress on me. It’s all I can think about these past few weeks. I went and got tested for HIV and that came back negative. Based on this information, do you think I am at high risk for the virus? Were the cuts signs of herpes? Do you think I would’ve had another outbreak by now?

Symptoms: Cuts, burning, redness, antibiotics, yeast infection