Could this be adult ADD?

Patient: I have a question that I am embarassed to go to the doctors for. I am currently in nursing school. I have struggled in school all of my life due to inattention and poor focus, but I have always ignored it. I get absolutely nothing out of lecture’s at school. About a year ago I started taking Ginseng and different herbal remedies to try helping my focus issue. I am doing fine in school, however, my life seems chaotic and disorganized. I am always running late and feel unprepared at all times. When I study, if I hear one small noise I cannot study any longer or I will start picking at my split ends. If I watch a movie in class or a tv show or movie at home, I fall asleep every time. When I take exams I read the question over, and over, and over. especially when someone is making the most minor noise. I am always the last one finished when taking exams, and sometimes they even have to take my exam away from me. When I read at home, I do not comprehend anything I am reading. I literally have to rewrite things 10-20 times to remember important points. Is there anything I can do to focus and live somewhat of a normal life?