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Could this be genital herpes?

Patient: Hello. So, here is my story:I had unprotected sex with a girl 11 days ago. This is the first (and I swear, the last) time I have been so careless. The anxiety I have felt these past 11 days is something i never wish to feel again. I’m worried that I have contracted genital herpes. I got tested (blood and urine) 6 days ago, 5 days after the incident. I had no symptoms at the time. The results should arrive back in about 5 days. I guess what I’m looking for is peace if mind, or else a mental preparation for what is to come. I am freaking out. I have noticed pimples (3 of them) on my testicles. Additionally, more pimples and just a general irritation on my rear end and anus. Today, it burned when I urinated. I have, of course, been scouring the internet for information, and I feel that it could go either way. For the past 5 days in a row, I have had a heavy workout in the gym, sweated a lot, and not showered afterwards (was helping a friend move, which produced more sweat).I have hemorrhoids, which does get irritated from time to time– possibly right now. I also masterbated earlier today with lotion, which has caused burning sensations when urinating in the past. It only burned once– I have urinated since with no pain. I have also have small red pimples randomly on my thighs, which could have been caused by the sweat/ gym shorts, as has happened in the past. Or, that might not be the cause. Finally, the head of my penis has a slightly irritated/lumpy appearance, but no pimples or blisters.My questions:1) would the blood test, conducted 5 days after the incident, accurately detect the antibodies my body has produced, if it is genital herpes?2) I have also had a foul smelling gas for the past 2 days…could this be related? I am on a high protein diet, which has caused foul gas before, but I read it on another post and figured I’d bring it up3) could this be genital herpes? Is there a way i can attach pictures for examination?



Symptoms: Pimples on testicles, thighs, and rear end. Irritated anus. Foul gas. Pain when urinating. Slightly “lumpy” appearance of head of penis.



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The incubation period of herpes, that is the time taken from contact to appearance of symptoms is 6 days and beyond generally. Also it starts of with flu like syndrome like cough, cold and fever. The lesions appear a little later. It would be better if you could attach a picture and there is a provision for the same. In such a case it makes things simple and helps us better in arriving at a diagnosis.The lesions generally develop in the genital area, scrotum, penis and even testicles. They appear like small papules and increase in number. On healing they can form crusts. However, your symptoms do not hundred percent match with them. It may or may not be herpes. Do not take stress as it may increase the lesions. Consult a dermatologist for an opinion personally and if herpes you may need antiviral drugs for a while.Attach the picture for us to help you better. Hope this helps.Regards

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Patient: I apologize in advance for the graphic nature of the photos. On the picture of the anus, pay careful attention to the other pimples on the top-left of the frame.

Doctor: Hello,
Thanks for the pictures.
It is not quite clear to come to a diagnosis. If you do not have symptoms you may not worry. However, it is advised that you consult a dermatologist in person for an examination. In case of herpes, you will need antiviral therapy.


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