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Could this be more than the common cold in my child?

Patient: On Oct. 19, my 3YO woke up with a sore throat and nasal congestion, and was breathing through his mouth and snoring. He didn’t have cold symptoms like a runny nose or cough, but didn’t want to eat or drink (even a popsicle, which is his favorite) because it hurt to swallow. I took him to the doctor Oct. 20, and she said his tonsils were enlarged and referred him to an ENT doctor. We saw the ENT on Oct. 22, who prescribed him a steroid nasal spray. By Oct. 26, his sore throat and congestion had not improved, and he became overly tired, did not want to play, and had a fever. I called his doctor, who said it was probably a viral illness and to keep monitoring him over the next few days. His fever continued through Oct. 28, on which date he also developed a runny nose and cough, which he passed on to his younger brother (1YO). Little brother also got a fever and is tired and cranky. Could this be something more than just a cold? It’s been almost two weeks since the 3YO first got his sore throat, and then it turned into a fever w/ cold symptoms. Should I take him to the doctor even though she doesn’t think it’s serious?




Symptoms: Symptoms: runny nose, coughing, fever, tired

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Based on your description, the symptoms your 3 year old are experiencing have not improved. Despite the use of steroid nasal spray, he is still congested, and coughing. It is possible that he may need to be start a course of antibiotics to clear this possible infection. Please take him back to the doctor for reevaluation as well as have your 1 year old examined as well. It may not be a very serious infection, but given their young age, it can rapidly become serious. Please be guided accordingly.Thank you for consulting


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