Could this be serious if i prolong getting treatment

Patient: Hello, Both shoulders very painful if i raise arms above head does briefly reduce throbbing. When i do raise arms get popping and cracking. I do have uncontrolled diabetes and neuropathy.Also it is difficult sometimes to raise arms without it getting numb along with sharp pain,like tennis elbow but in the shoulders.Question is,seeking any suggestions that can help lead me to some ideas of what may be happening and possible relief of pain..Thank You,Concerned

Symptoms: Limited movement with pain

Doctor: HiThanks for your queryI have gone through your query and understand your concern.You are likely to be having b ilateral frozen shoulder . It is adhesive capsulitis. It is more common in diabetes. Treatment of it is mobilization exercises of shoulder and analgesics. vitamin B and C is helpful in recovery.Hope your query get answered.Wishing you a good health.Take care