Could this be shingles or measles?

Patient: I have a severe skin rash which appeared after having cold like symptoms for about a week. It covers about seventy five percent of my body. There is slight itching. I have had many episodes of poison oak and or ivy and I know it is not that. It is not on my head or genitels. I had chicken pox as a young child. I have been vaccinated for measles. I am a fifty year old Caucasian male in good physical condition. Could this be shingles or possibly measles?

Symptoms: Symptoms: coughing, sneezing, slight headache, slight itching.

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Doctor: Thank you for your question. You indeed have a very severe rash, however we are unable to tell what is causing it. It is possible that you may have contracted the virus which causes measles, or this may be an allergic reaction to a food you ate or exposure to an allergen in your environment. Shingles is a more painful rash which develops along a patch of skin called a dermatome. A dermatome is a section of skin innervated by a particular set of sensory nerves. We recommend that you promptly have this examined by your doctor. If you are diagnosed with measles the treatment of this infection is to treat the symptoms you are experiencing while the infection takes its course and resolves on its own. If this is an allergic reaction, you will be prescribe allergy medication to alleviate the itching and rash. Please seek your doctor.Thank you for consulting