Could we possibly not be able to have children?

Patient: My husband and I haven’t exactly been trying to have our first baby,but we haven’t been “careful” either, because we do want one. But lately I’ve been a little concerned on why I am not pregnant yet. To my knowledge, I am and always have been pretty healthy. No history of any major health problems run in my family. But When my husband was a kid, he had to have his thyroid killed out by a radiation pill. He now has to take synthroid regularly. I guess my question is, could the fact that he lacks a thyroid be the reason why we haven’t had any children yet? If it is the reason, Is there any chance that we could have children regardless?

Doctor: Thank you for your query.After going through your question I would like to mention the fact that sometimes radiation t herapy can be harmful to the spermatogenesis. Therefore it is advisable that your husband get a semen analysis done to know the semen quality in terms of concentration, motility,morphology and volume. Simultaneously you also can undergo a follicular study on day 3 and day 13 of your menstrual cycle. On day 3 of your menstrual cycle get a hormonal analysis done for follicular stimulating hormone and Luteinizing hormone. If these tests are not conclusive then the other factors for infertility will have to be investigated carefully.You have not mentioned your age, years of married life etc. If the female spouse age is below 35 years and if conception has not taken place in spite of unprotected sexual intercourse for over a year then such couple is termed as infertile and need investigations before the line of treatment can be decided. On the other hand if the female spouse age is > 35 years after trying for six months if the conception is not achieved then it is advisable to consult a fertility specialist, who will guide you in your journey towards parenthood.Hope this answers your query. Wish you good luck.