Cracking knee question

Patient: After walking for any amount of time I get to the point where I need to stop and clasp hands on my knees to relieve the pain and also run my hand across the back of my knee to relieve the feeling of numbness that is there. Shopping at large places like department stores, target, the mall, outlet stores are much much much much more hard for me to endure walking through. Due to the fact that after I start walking my knees are telling me that its time to find a chair and sit down. But whenever I am at any of those places all I want to do is buy what I came to buy and leave. Due to how crowded these places are sometimes I have to walk in different aisles in the store to avoid people staring at me because I have trouble with my knees. And because of the fact that walking around different people takes a lot longer than I want to be walking in a store buying what I came for. My knees have cracked since I was in 5th grade so I’m wondering if that could be what is causing the numbness. They don’t crack as often as they did then, Its mainly the left knee. I try not to do anything that would cause the right knee to crack due to the fact that if it needs to crack once it will need to crack again later if I am sitting down. I guess as a kid I spent too much time sitting on my knees playing video games. When they cracked when I was younger you could hear them in other parts of the house that I was not in or anywhere near. Just curious as to what might be causing this to occur.

Symptoms: See above

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that your knee pain may be due to inflammation of the tendons or the develop ment of osteoarthritis. It is important that you have this medically evaluated by a doctor along with conducting x rays of both of your knees. It is important that the faster the diagnosis is made the quicker lifestyle modifications and physiotherapy can be prescribed to assist in treating this pain. You may also need to be prescribed medication to further relieve this pain. Please see your doctor.Thank you for consulting