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Cramp like pain on left side under rib cage

Dear Ask The Doctor:
When i breathe i have a very painmful sharp cramp like pain on my left side near my rib cage, it travels to the back under the shoulder blade. any ype of movement causes the pain, breathing walking coughing stretching. i have never experienced this. what can it be?


The sharp pain that you are experiencing in your left rib-cage could be due to soft tissue trauma, underlying chest infection, pancreatitis, gastritis or costochondritis. You may need to be evaluated by your doctor to determine whether the pain is muscular in origin or due to inflammation of other organs. I hope this helps. All the best.

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Guest Says: Hi, I have this exact same issue that abruptly arose after a take down in a sparing event.... I must say the pain is excruciating at times.... I am quite afraid it is a collapsed lung or broken rib.... Did you have any trauma to your body prior to your pains?

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