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Cramping, bloated, back pain and brownish discharge. Am I pregnant?

Patient: I am 16. me and my boyfriend had sex. well its not really sex? a difficult situation and I don’t know if I am just being paranoid. I recently had surgery done. I had my gullbladder removed. and my boyfriend and I tried to have sex after. the thing is I am very tight down there and I don’t even think he went in all the way and he didn’t finish because I told him to stop because it hurt too much. he used a condom. but after he tried fingering me. I don’t think he had any pre *** on his fingers. i was supposed to have my period days ago. . i feel bloated, i am getting cramping. back pains. and i have like a yellowish brownish discharge with little this my period? my vagina is really itchy. but i might also have an yeast infection? are all these symptons for different things and are coincidences? he didn’t ejaculate.he had a condom. he wiped his hand just in case before fingering me. is it possible for me to be pregnant? or am i just paranoid. please help. i am very frightened and don’t want to be pregnant. or is my mind playing tricks on me? I am even starting to see myself a little bloated and bigger from my belly a little. so am I just freaking out. or can that be from my surgery. even if I was pregnant, I would only be like 1 or 2 weeks. so isn’t even too early to show or experience pregnancy symptoms? Help!!!! I don’t know whats going on with my body and I feel so out of control. I know when your body is freaking out it can play tricks on you to make you believe something. I need advice.




Symptoms: brown yellow discharge with blood. stomach cramping. itchy/burning vagina
stomach bloating
back pain

Doctor: Thank you for your queryIt is advisable for you to opt for a pregnancy test if the period did not come even past 7 to 10 days past the expected date of the menstrual cycle. Only that can tell you whether you are pregnant or not. From whatever you have described the chances for a conception are low. Sometimes other factors like stress & strain or lifestyle modifications can sometimes delay the period. The symptoms you have quoted look more like you are having a vaginal infection.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day


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