Cramping in abs after sex with bf. Think I am pregnant

Patient: Hi im 15 years old , i had sex intercouse with no condoms on with my bofriend yesterday , afterwards i tend to pee alot and my lower abdominal tends to cramp and feel like farting but sometime it doesnt come out . Im suppose to come on my period about 4-5 days later , which is soon . Im not sure if im pregnant or this is a sign of my period . Please help me ! Im freaking out !

Doctor: Unprotected intercourse puts you at a risk of unwanted pregnancy as well as at risk of sexually transmitted infections. Use of an emergency contraceptive pill also known as a morning after pill within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse has a reliable chance of preventing a pregnancy. You could contact your doctor or local health professional for a discussion and a prescription.Cramping sensation and the rectal urgency felt by you after intercourse are usually not signs of pregnancy. It is most likely due to the effect of prostaglandins in the semen ejaculated or signs of a pelvic infection.Although given the timing of your intercourse, it is highly unlikely that you are pregnant, nevertheless if you miss your period you could use a home pregnancy kit to know if you are pregnant.It is highly recommended that you visit a family planning clinic soon to decide about your choice of contraception to prevent such incidents in the future.