Cramping in lower intestinal area.

Patient: I have been feeling sick off and on for almost a year now and my dr says that its just me do u have any ideas?

Symptoms: Nausea, cramping in lower intestinal area, diarrhea

Doctor: Hello,If the symptoms of lower abdominal pain has been for over an year and present with occasional diarrhoea as well , then there is a possibility that you have IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME. You may need to get investigated for the same and may require a barium enema study to look for any evidence of colitis or celiac disease .This may be treated with a course of antibiotics and a balanced health eating habits which would include salads and green leafy veggies to add bulk to the food and prevent constipation thereby. in any case a visit to the physician is advisable for complete evaluation.I hope i have answered your query in detail ,wishing you good health,regards