Cramps after pregnancy

Patient: Hi thereI’m a 16 year old girl. On April 23rd of this year, i lost my virginity to my ex-boyfriend. We used a condom. But recently, since May 3rd, I’ve been experienceing some cramps and gas, i believe. I’m not sure if the condom broke or if he put it on rightAnd he came inside of me.So my question is: Would it be possible for me to pregnant, judging by the fact that i’m experiencing cramps withing 1.5 weeks of my first sexual activity? Also, I really can’t have a baby at this point in life. Is there any way to “miscarriage” the baby? That is, IF i’m pregnant. Any changes in diet would help?Thank you very much

Doctor: Hello, I realize your concern about possible pregnancy. Cramps and gas dont necessarily mean that you are pregnant. Sinc e this was the first time that you had intercourse, these symptoms may be normal and probably caused by lack of lubrication or muscle contraction due to orgasm. Also as you may already know there are some days in your cycle in which the possibilities of pregnancy increases due to ovulation, these days are generally during the middle of your cycle. If you had sex during these days and the condom broke, then there might be a possibility of pregnancy. I would suggest you to wait until your menses due date, if your menses are late for a week then you might want to take a home pregnancy test. If the results were negative, other possibilities such as urinary tract infection which is common after first time intercourse would need to be ruled out, if you start to feel burn and pain while urinating in the next days this possibility would increase and a visit to your primary care physician would be mandatory. It is recommended that you urinate after having intercourse since this carries bacteria into your urethra and could cause urinary tract infections. I wish a prompt recovery.