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Cramps, deep low back pain and irregular bowel movements

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Dear Doctor for the last 9 months I have had deep lower back pain on the left. I have been to a chiropractor for 5 times. It has helped BUT the pain still occurs especially at night. Also suffer from leg and toe cramps and irregular bowel movements, can go 3 days without a movement and have to take physllum husks to help alleviate the problem.I did have a bad fall on my left hip about 4 years ago? Is there any link between these symptoms please? Who would be the best type of doctor or consutlant to visit please? Thank you for any help in this matter.


The fall on your hip do not seem to be related to the symptoms described above. In my opinion, it could be your problem of constipation and irregular movements that may be associated with back pain and leg cramps. Best would be to consult a Gastroenterologist for an evaluation of the cause and treatment. You need to increase your water intake to at least 8 glasses each day along with high fibre diet, regular walking and/or other aerobic exercises. Reduced caffeine intake, smoking (if that is the case) and lifestyle changes may help reduce constipation.


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