Cramps/ muscle spasms

Patient: I fell about three times on once about two feet in a elevator, down the step on the outside ,and tripped over cords causing pain to my arms,legs knees and back , lately i began to have muscle cramps and spasms in the upper knees area between the knee and the hip , also the upper arm toward the back ,and the back of my neck ; once i have these cramps/spasms i start to lightly ache as the days go by the ache worsen and travel to the joint area nearest where the cramp/spasm located: ex: cramps or spasms in the upper arm , then the pain gets severe for about two week in the joints of my arm ,wrist and shoulder to the back of my neck. If the cramps/spasms occurs in the leg just above the knee the pain get in the joint at the pelvic causing me unable to walk without the help of crutches for at least a week of the two week it stays with me.