Crazy blood work for 2+ years with crazy symptoms need help

Patient: Ok So I have had really bad symptoms for the last 2-3 years. Tired, no energy, can sleep 12+ hours a day, hair falling out rapidly bald patch by bangs, really dry skin, brittle nail,s low body temp, cant focus, extremely moody, heavy menstrual cycles and massive headaches and dizziness. I have had blood work run over the last 3 years and every time the same markers are high or low. But nothing is being done about it. The items that are low are RBC, MCHC, Creat, and Hdl. The items that are high are LDL, Chloride Level and MCV. My TSH was 1.19 and my A1c was 5.3 Vitaminn b12, folate, vitamin d were all fine. Borderline results are BUN was 7, CO2 was 22, Calcium was 8.9 Total Protein was 6.7,HGB was 13.6, Basophil auto was 0.6. Now I follow a very strict regimen and diet because I was obese. I weighed 180 at 5’3″. I lost 20 pounds since March a slow steady process that stopped like 3 months ago when I really strted feeling bad. I workout between 30 to 60 minutes a day 7 days a week. I like a mix of strength training and cardio. I also eat a very strict diet that falls betweens 1200-1500 calories. I Have containers and measure my food using the 21 day fix diet from beachbody and have been following it since march. I felt great in the beginning then all my problems came back. I have also been a smoker for 15 years. I just need insight on where to go from here. I cant keep up with my kids anymore and I need to be able too. It takes everything I have just to make it til I can take a nap.

Symptoms: Hard time losing weight with strict diet and exercise, low body temp, hair falling out rapidly, brittle peeling nails, headaches, cant focus, moody, extremely tired and can sleep 12+ hours daily and still be tired, always cold, cant function daily due to being so tired, and dry skin.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Based on your symptoms and the lab results you have provided it is possible that you could be suffering from either Anemia or Hypothyroidism. Anemia is caused by low red blood cells in the body. As a result your body is unable to deliver adequate oxygen systemically. This will result in decreased energy levels, lethargy, easy fatigue, hair loss as well as many of the other symptoms that you are experiencing. Furthermore, these symptoms can be similarly found in hypothyroidism. Thyroid hormone is responsible for adequate metabolism and temperature control of the body. Decreases in thyroid hormone can result in generalized fatigue, somnolence, pallor and dry skin. We believe you need to undergo further testing to narrow down the actual type of anemia and hypothyroidism you have. You will need to consult your doctor and undergo a complete examination as well as blood testing. After your results are available your doctor will be able to determine what type of medication you will need to placed on, and what type of lifestyle changes you need to undergo in order to improve your symptoms. Please be guided accordingly.Thank you for choosing