Creatine supplements for bodybuilding and fitness

Patient: How should i use creatine in best way?  I heard it helps improve workouts and muscle tone. Is there any medical evidence to suppor the use of creatine supplements?

Doctor: There are many body building supplements from various commercial brands, most of them have Creatine as main constituent, also aminoacids, proteins, all these may help to grow muscle and give you the necessary energy and aerobic capacity to develop your weight lifting daily routine. Creatine has been used mainly for improving exercise performance and increasing muscle strength. It has also been used for muscle disorders (e.g., McArdle’s disease), Parkinson’s disease, and heart failure. Using this product without proper medical care for conditions such as heart failure may cause or worsen serious health problems. Creatine is the same as a substance made by your body that is found mostly in the muscles. It helps to provide energy to the muscles. The FDA has not reviewed this product for safety or effectiveness. Side effects include: Nausea, upset stomach, or diarrhea. Severe allergic reaction to this product is rare  Creatine may interfere with certain laboratory tests (including kidney function tests), possibly causing false test results.

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