Crestor and alcohol consumption

Patient: Hello,About 3 months ago my doctor put me on Crestor after getting the results of a calcium score. My calcium score was 141 (LAD 52; RCA 89).My cholesterol numbers improved quite a bit over the last 3 months. My LDL particle numbers still need improving.Here are my latest lipid results: Total cholesterol / 122. LDL-C / 74. HDL-C / 32. Triglycerides / 82. LDL-P / 1421. HDL-P (Total) / 27.1. Small LDL-P / 1018. LDL size / 19.9. LP-IR SCORE / 61.Here is my question: I like to drink only on Saturday nights. Is it safe to drink 4 or 5 glasses of beer (12 oz) while on Crestor? Or would it be better to skip the Crestor on that day?Height: 6’0 / Weight: 165 / No other health problems / Exercise regularly (30+ minutes daily).Thank you.

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Doctor: Hello,Thanks for choosing “Ask The Doctor” for posting your query.One should avoid taking alcohol while on crestor. In combination, it can cause liver toxicity. However taking alcohol in small amount ones a week is still ok but still liver profile monitoring is required. But the quantity has to be restricted and taking 1-2 glasses of wine is still fine but taking 4-5 glasses is not acceptable. Do meet you doctor and keep him informed and get the liver profile tested every two months. And if alcohol can be avoided all together then there is nothing better than that.Hope I am able to answer your concerns.Wish you good health!