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Crestor and Lipofen physical side effects ??? Dangerous??

Patient: My fiance is currently on Crestor 10mg 4 a day and Lipofen 150 mg once a day. He has been having severe lower left abdominal pain and confusion or memory loss. He is an otherwise healthy 28 year old with no other medical issues or allergies and this is the only medication he is currently taking. I believe his doctor has him on an extremely high dosage of this cholesterol medicine and that this may be the cause of his symptoms. His bad cholesterol was at 287 the last time it was checked by the doctor. Should he be seeking a second opinion as this seems to be doing more physical harm than good???




Doctor: Thank you for your question. Since your fiance’s symptoms have developed after starting his new medications it is possib le that he is having a reaction to these medications. It is important that he report to his doctor immediately to be physically examined and have blood tests performed to assess his liver function. Your fiance will likely have to stop these medications or have the dosage lowered in order for him to overcome these possible adverse side effects. Please encourage him to seek medical attention immediately.Thank you for consulting


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