Crohns disease

Patient: Hi i am male 24 years old. i have been to see a stomach doctor about my stomach pains. my doctor suspects crohns or collites disease so he has sent me for further tests. so far i have had an ultrasound and im due a colonoscopy soon. according to my ultrasound examiner he cant see anything wrong. but he said it does not mean that there is not somthing wrong. my doctor still has to check it over and give me his veiw.A day before my scan i had terrible pains in my right side and left side. most of the worst pain was on my left. i had watery diaarea twice in the morning. very intence pains after aswell. my left side was slightly swollen outwards. also my left testicle was swollen and sore. the day of my scan my swelling went away and pains were not as strong. the next day i have strong pains with swelling again in both my left abdomen and my left testicle then easing away for a time. im not sure what is wrong with me or if it is crohns that is wrong. can crohns cause these new symptoms i have been geting