Cronic Pain since hysterectomy

Patient: A girlfriend of mine had a partial hysterectomy in August 2009. She has been in chronic pain mainly in her back ever since. She had nerve blocks, MRI and no one seems to be able to tell her whats wrong. Shes gone from 120 to 84 lbs. She cant get comfortable and is on Oxycontin for the pain, which only helps somewhat for a short period of time. She was a young healthy active woman b4 surgery and is very depressed from both pain and frustration that no one seems to be able to help her. I think exploratory surgery should be done but her Dr. says he doubts any one will do that. Blood tests have ruled out other possible diseases. Is there anyone out there with any suggestions or a similar story. If any more info is needed to help let me know Thanks

Doctor: I empathize with your friend. It seems she suffered nerve damage during her hysterectomy and that has resulted in her ch ronic pain. Unfortunately, such damage is permanent and cannot be corrected. It is often extremely difficult to treat such conditions. However, attempts can be made at controlling the pain with various medications and non-surgical techniques. She should consult a pain management specialist for more details,  if she has not already done so.  I am sorry I could not be of more help.