Crotch urologic

Patient: I hope someone can help, i got hit in the crotch above my left testicle and in that area 3 months ago, it hurt… and i thought the pain whould just go away like it usually does when u get hit in that area but the pain stayed, a month passed and the pain was allways around and i started to notice a pain in my left leg, i whent to a doctor and than whent to ultrasound check and the man who did the ultrasound sayd he noticed a sign of a really small bleeding and it was healing and that i whould probably stop noticing this in a few days, i felt better hearing that but it did not go away i went to another doctor allmost a month after that and he put me on anti-inflammitory and sometheyng to remove inpurity, sure they pain got a little more exeptable while i was on the anti-inflammitory and pain reducing medicene simular to ibufen, but it didint heal… a week later when i had finished my meds i went back to my docktor and he just didint know what else to do and got appointment for me to a specialist urological surgeon, a while after that i met that doctor and he just advised me to take a hot bath and take ibufen, here i am today still in this pain i limp when i walk to try to reduce the uncomfortable pain, it hurts especially after i masturbate…. i allso sometimes notice a little bit of pain in my left hand allso ­čÖü i dont know what to do, i think im going again to the ultrasound and see if they missed something, please be so kind to try to help me and advise me… thanks for your time ­čÖé