Patient: Dear Doctor Assem,I am trying to post my question,but the server keep saying ”rephrase my question, some offensive words ”so i thought to send you a message on your email as I cannot post my question.I wish you will have time to read this.thank u very much in advance.My mother is 75 years old, she’s diabetic patient. Once she was unconscious for 2 days. after CT Scan, Doctor says she got clothed blood on her brain and now she cannot walk and don’t remember things just like she lost the big part of the memories. What is her treatment and what to do to bring her back into normal?Doctor’s comment on her CT Scan.Low attenuation are seen in right thalamus- infarctProminent internal and external CSF spaces- brain atrophyConclusion:Infarct in right thalamus with brain atrophy.Please help me.