CT myelogram

Patient: What is entailed when one has a milogram. Is there pain in the test itself? After I had a back operation 2 years ago he wants to see if the bone has healed. I have very weak legs right now and before he operates he wants to see what is going on so I am having a CT scan and a milogram and I am afraid. Any help will be wonderful. I am told I have stenosis

Doctor: A CT myelogram is special type of xray used to examine the spinal cord. To do the procedure your doctor injects special radiographic fluid into the spinal canal after placing you on the examination table. You are then rotated to allow distribution of the fluid throughout the spinal canal. Xrays are then taken. There is minor discomfort associated with injecting the radiographic liquid but your doctor will apply some numbing medicine before injecting the material. The commonest side effect of the procedure is a headache which can be treated with over-the-counter medicines like Tylenol.