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CT Scan result- calcified lymph nodes

Dear Ask The Doctor:
I recently had a CT Scan and they found one calcified lymph node (1.4mm) and another small one in my mesentric abdomen. I have a follow CT Scan in 3 months. My doctor said that there could be many reasons why they are visible but worst case senario it could be lymphnoma. I am very scared it is cancer. Is it common that there are visible lymph nodes in CT Scans? What are some reasons for enlarged lymph nodes (or for calcification?) Thank you so much


I understand how worried you are about your recent calcified lymph node finding. Let me reassure you that most calcified lymph nodes found by routine imaging studies such as CT scan are not really rare or an unusual finding.
Typically they are the result of some past, healed infection or inflammation. TB is well-known to cause them, however if there is family history of lymphoma or any other cancer, further work should be done to o investigate the exact cause of the calcification. I agree with your physician to have a more detailed study of your lymphatic system. I wish you the best.

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