Cure fo increasing IgE Level in Blood

Patient: My IgE level in blood is increasing and I have to take anti-allergic tablet for almost 10 years . Is there any permanent cure for this

Symptoms: Skin rashes and it is very sensitive to touch

Doctor: Hi, Serum total IgE levels increase in blood when the body encounters an allergen to which it is sensitive. High Serum I gE levels per se, are not to be treated, unless there are allergic manifestations associated with it. Specific tests to diagnose the cause of your allergy (Allergy Skin Prick Test) can be conducted by an Allergy Specialist. By identifying the allergen, avoidance measures along with Allergen Specific Immunotherapy (where ever required) can be instituted in addition to your conventional anti-allergic therapy to bring down your IgE levels. This will give you to a long term and specific solution to your allergy problem. Good Luck!!