Cut nerve

Patient: I cut my left thumb carving a pumpkin monday night and the cut was deep. I think I cut a nerve because my index finger hurt as well. I went and got 5 stitches the yesterday because when I went to change the bandage it was still bleeding. It was at 18 hours after I cut it and they had to give me 4 shots of local anesthetic (no epi). The cut measured 1.7 cm. Today, intermittently, my thumb is twitching. Now it feels sore, like muscle fatigue. I’m wondering what this means. I have has some twitching in the past, but nothing this frequent. In addition, I have a family history of Parkinson’s. (Maternal Grandmother and Aunt on the mothers side.) Is this normal and should I go back in tomorrow or should I just ask about it when I get the stitches out on the eleventh?