Cut on Cheek

Patient: Hello; about a month ago I had fallen down and obtained a cut on my cheek (a little bit below my cheek bone). When it first happened, it was cleaned by a nurse, had ointment applied to it as well as a band-aid applied on top of it. The following day about half of the bandage had blood on it, however the cut itself was no longer bleeding. I assume it did not need stitches since it clotted properly. Over the weeks it has improved greatly as I have kept up with putting neosporin on it and then vitamin E oil (from capsules), but about two weeks ago I noticed that there was hard mass under the area. I looked this up online and followed the directions to massage the areas, which helped bring all of the hard mass swelling down completely. The only remaining area is under the mark itself, which too has seemed to improve greatly. Today I am left with a red mark as well as a slight indentation. In certain light the indentation seems to be noticeable, but in other light it seems like an illusion that the red mark is causing. My question is will this mark and “indentation” go away or will it scar? Is there anything I can do or keep doing to improve the results? Is it usual for cuts like this to take over a month to heal completely? Thank you.

Symptoms: Redness above the cut, slight indentation in certain lights.