Cuts on penis foreskin, Yeast Infection?

Patient: I am a 40 year old male and since last 5 years, small cuts at the tip of the foreskin are formed. These gradually go away but reappears when I sexually active. At times, it takes more than 15 days to heal. From the articles I have gone through on your website, it seems I may have a yeast infection. I still need your opinion and a suitable over the counter medication. Thanks.

Doctor: Based on your description of these recurrent cuts which reolve on their own it suggest that you could be indeed having g repeated yeast infections. However, there is no way to confirm this without a proper physical examination performed by a doctor as well as certain lab tests. To treat a yeast infection adequately requires antifugal tablets which are not usually available as over-the-counter medication, so you will have to see a physician.You should aslo consider the possiblity that you are being reinfected by your partner(s) or you are infercting your partner(s) and they should recieve treatment as well.