D&C required after MTP

Patient: I choose to get MTP done when I was in my 7th week of pregnancy after 10 days I got scan done and it showed I had incomplete abortion and need to do D&C , I asked my gynecologist to provide me medicine and took Cytolog for 3 days and 2 vaginally .. I repeated internal scan after 10 days and I get report which states ” Uterus anverted and appears normal in size .Myometrial echoes appear normal . Minimal heterogenous collection seen in endometrial cavity near the fundus with minimal vascularity(max thickness~10mm). Os closed . Right ovary appear normal in size and echotexture. ” My gynec suggested D&C , but wanted second opinion if I really need it .. I donot have any bleeding now or spotting , no other abnormalities . Please suggest .. I am worried and dont like to go under general anesthesia and all the procedure .. thanks

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Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comThe second ultrasound after medications show heterogenous contents at the fundus of the uterus with measuring thickness of 10mm, these are remaining products of conception which need to be removed by d& C . The thickness is too thick to allow it to pass of with next menstrual bleeding as possibly it would not , also it may cause frequent unwanted bleeding episodes. Hence it is advisable to go for D& C, which can be done under paracervical block as well and you may not have to undergo general anaesthesia.You may discuss the option with your physician .I hope i have answered all your queries in detiail,wishing you good health,regards

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Patient: Thank you so much for your advise , I will check option with my gynec … if we can do without general anesthesia . appreciate all your help 🙂