D3 Deficiency, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar

Patient: Hello Doctor, I am 28 Years old male, from India, diagnosed for d3 deficiency before a year, During that time, I got cramps and numbness in my legs and hands, I was on d3 IV for 3 days, my d3 level was very low like 5.0, and then cholocalciferol for 3 monthsAfter that I did not notice these symptoms, now again the same symptoms are coming and going, I am under Psychiatric treatment for generalized anxiety and hypochondriasis, Now My general physician said to check my d3 levels again, LFT, as I was an alcoholic, stopped now (1 month) and CBC, Total Bilrubin 1.3 and SGOT SGPT are slightly elevated, doc said its normal, and again I was in calcium IV, my calcium levels are 8.5, HB 15.4, WBC > 10000, RBC >5.4 PLT 300000, Everything normal, but the problem is whenever I sit Numbness in Hands and legs, getting panicked sweating a lot, urinating frequently, sugar goes down often, increased apettite, checcked my sugar levels all normal, my therapist gave me QUSER 100 Mg, Depkote 250 mg, T,Pari 10mg, Bacfen 10 mg, after taking these for 12 days, I started to get itching, and I told my doc about this, they said me to stop Depakote and advised take Calcimax, after taking calcimax, the symptoms got worse, Tremors, numbness, tingling, needle like pain, heartburn, frequent urination, breathing difficulty, I dont what to do now, confused, irritated. Cant go out of my home, I am afraid, feeling tired, what can be done next to cure myself,

Doctor: Hello.Welcome to Ask The Doctor.I understand your concern.You seem to be suffering from Anxiety. Vitamin D level s are found low in 90% of Indian population and so the symptoms you are experiencing are not related to that.Just get your thyroid profile and hemoglobin checked. You don’t require so many medications. You just require to do meditation and relaxation exercises.Eat a healthy diet. Include fruits and green leafy vegetables in the diet.Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption in case you do.Share my opinion with your doctor.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy

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Patient: Ok will check thyroid profile, My Hemoglobin is 15.3, LFT results are Bilrubin 1.3 SGOT 78.3 SGPT 97.3 Protein 8.105 Globulin 3.639, the symptoms have been worse now, feeling like getting shock, or numbness or cramps, increased sweating, confusion, I am not sure about whom to consult a specialist, please advice me on that