Dad has diabetes and keeps falling asleep after meals

Patient: My dad has diabetes and yesterday after each meal he would fall asleep. He had no get up and go. His levels were around 10 and he thinks that’s fine. Should I take him to his GP?

Doctor: Dear Madam, Thank you for your query.I can understand your concern for your dad. by analyzing your dad symptoms, it ma y be either postprandial hypoglycemia or sleepiness due to obstructive sleep apnea. If your father is obese, second possibility is likely. Anyway if it of recent onset and affecting his lifestyle, it is better to get evaluated by your physician. He may ask you to do self monitoring of glucose to rule out postprandial hypoglycemia or sleep study to rule out sleep apnea if indicated.Good day

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Guest: Sir My mom is also diabetes please tell me some best food to control her diabetes