Daibetic with lower backache and leg pain.

Patient: Im a 47 yr old hispanic female having stopped my periods about 6 months ago I believe also brittle diabetic insulin dependent with high blood pressure and fybromialga (sorry about the spelling) My ? is I have been having severe lower back pain with bouts of vertigo and fluttering in my abdomen constant urination restlessness dizziness and severe crippling pain in lower right leg which has spurts of hot spots on the lower half! Is there something I can try to alleviate the pain! Other than over the counter pain meds such as a rub or ointment that you can reccomend! Please

Doctor: I do understand that the lower back pain, pain abdomen and increased frequency of urination is causing you concern. You have mentioned the that you are a diabetic on insulin and  also have a high blood pressure. Though there could be many conditions that may lead to your back pain, the symptoms are suggestive of a urinary tract infection which may explain your back pain and urine problems. The crippling pain may also be caused due to diabetic neuropathy.Urinary tract infections are common in diabetics and I would suggest you to get a urine test and also visit your doctor to rule out diabetic neuropathy which may be treated with good sugar control and drugs like gabapentine and duloxetine.