Daily nausea and Migraines

Patient: I have not felt “normal” in about a month or so. Every day I wake up with nausea that will ease with eating. Shortly after breakfast I will return to the queasy/nauseas feeling. This is accompanied with heart burn/acid reflux. This happens just about every day, mostly all day. I have always loved food and cooking and enjoying what I eat but lately some foods will make me repulsed and lose my appetite. Ie: the spinach in my omelet this morning. Normally I love spinach. Last week I was just craving green juice all the time and this week I don’t even want to eat. I try to constantly drink water and that results in me peeing about 40 times a day. I just can’t seem to quench my thirst. I normally avoid fried foods however I ate fried chicken nuggets for lunch one day and I had to go home and lay down for almost the entire night afterwards due to the nausea. Usually, lying down is the only thing that will help ease the discomfort, but it immediately returns when I stand/sit up. I have not thrown up but it sometimes gets so bad that I feel like I need to and will go lay down in the bathroom. I will intermittently get diarrhea.Also, every day around 4pm I will start to get a migraine. These migraines, if I let them develop are some of the most excruciatingly painful things I’ve ever experienced. They start behind my left eye and progressively spread to both eyes, making it almost impossible to be able to look at anything without experiencing pain. The only thing that I have found to relieve the symptoms is Excedrin. I try not to take it unless it’s absolutely necessary, however today I had to take 2 rounds because I woke up with a terrible migraine and one slowly started to develop around 4pm.I went to see my PCP to get a full physical including blood work, urine, and a stool sample. Everything came back normal except my vitamin D level was 20ng and my total cholesterol was 243mg. Doc prescribed me 100mg of Sumatriptan for my migraines. I have only taken this once because when I took it, I can only attribute what I was feeling to possibly the onset of a seizure. I had to lay in the fetal position and not move even the slightest, I was in and out of consciousness and overall it was a very scary experience. I fell asleep and when I woke up I was okay so I have not taken these since.After still feeling terrible, I went to see my eye doctor for my annual eye exam to see if my eyes were contributing to my daily migraines. Apart from a slightly abnormal looking right optic nerve, my prescription got stronger. I was given a field eye test I believe it was called, looking into a box and clicking a sensor when a light appeared. Results were normal. I still have my wisdom teeth, the oral surgeon is scheduled but they are very backed up and my appointment isn’t for about 3 weeks. These symptoms are interfering with my work, home, and social life. The past week and a half I’ve had terrible sleep quality due to the nausea. All I’ve done is go to work and come home and go to bed. Any advice is appreciated because I am truly miserable.

Symptoms: Nausea, migraines