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Cupping with Mike Prebeg

All the rage with Cupping therapy

Mike Prebeg Cupping

Have you noticed large circular bruises on some of the athletes. In particular Michael Phelps’ shoulder at the Olympics and now Robert Osuna’s neck? What exactly are those bruises and what are they for?

The bruises are caused by a soft tissue technique known as cupping. It is performed by using a small round cup to ensure an airtight contact with the skin and then create a vacuum effect. Heating the air within the cup, then allowing it to cool and contract while in contact with the skin, creates negative pressure. One of the goals for cupping is to release Myofascial tension and trigger points.

There are various hypotheses to explain the effects of cupping. One theory infers cupping increases the circulation surrounding the treated area, thus enabling metabolites trapped deep in the soft tissue layers to rise to the body surfaces and then get cleared. Another proposed theory is that cupping can affect the immune system by irritating it, thus causing local inflammation. This will eventually activate the complement system and release specific hormones, which can increase lymphatic flow.

Furthermore, there were three studies (Lauche R. et al. Cramer H. et al. Kim T.H. et al.)

wich examined the effects of cupping on chronic neck pain. All three studies, patients in the treatment group had significantly less pain and had attained better results on the respective subscales for bodily pain than patients in the waiting-list group.

As found in numerous studies, cupping can be an effective adjunctive tool in treating musculoskeletal pain. Clinically, it is gaining a lot of popularity. Like acupuncture, cupping is coming back into “fashion” and more and more athletes and every day people are seeking it out as an alternative therapy.

Just remember, it’s not the only the modality that give you results. In fact, most importantly it is the proper diagnosis, assessment knowing when and where to use the tool is most important. Whether it be acupuncture, cupping, exercise therapy, an understanding of the patients and his needs and goals will determine a successful outcome.

Dr. Mike Prebeg & Taran Ohson

About Dr. Mike Prebeg

Dr. Michael Prebeg is an innovative practitioner, specializing in performance enhancement, career longevity and injury recovery. As a graduate of New York Chiropractic College and a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, Dr. Prebeg provides unparalleled treatments through his unique combination of soft tissue techniques, such as Active Release (ART), with Contemporary Medical Acupuncture and joint manipulation to optimize his results. Years of academic and hands-on experience have catapulted his expertise to the front of his field, making him the go-to practitioner for some of the most complicated cases among NCAA, Olympic and professional athletes. His success with these patients has earned him the position of consulting chiropractor with the National Hockey League Players Association (NHLPA) and the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team, where he spends most home games in the locker room treating players.

To get treatment from Dr. Mike Prebeg or his team, please visit the following link: http://www.mikeprebeg.com/book-treatment

Dr. Mike Prebeg and Toronto Blue Jays

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