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Did you know skipping breakfast can lead to a shorter life span?


Do you know that breakfast is the most significant meal of the day? Unfortunately, most of us skip the meal in a struggle to lose weight. In fact, skipping breakfast is the unhealthiest idea and can cause the exact opposite. As the name says, this mealtime breaks the fast and reloads the glucose levels that are generally low after a long night. Omitting the morning meal imbalances the natural rhythm of fasting and feasting.

Skipping breakfast may also affect the proper functioning of our brain. It has been said that people who miss out on breakfast are not equally prolific at work, they are not as efficient problem solvers and they have less emotional clearness compared to the folks who usually have a nourishing breakfast. Omitting a morning meal can even decrease the energy levels and disturb our metabolic system, leading to an unhealthy body weight. While you consume breakfast, it helps to kick start the metabolic rate and you will be able to keep up a healthy weight as a result.

There seems to be many reasons we skip breakfast. In most cases, we are in a hurry to organize things for the family and getting ready for work. But, investing some extra time for breakfast is necessary to uphold the energy levels during your busy day. Here are some tips to stick to a healthy habit while you are busy with your schedule. Grab any of these food snacks on-the-go:

  1. Omelettes filled with yummy and healthy stuffings like veggies or greens
  2. Steel-cut oats filled in a jar to have with Greek yogurt or boiled water (oatmeal)
  3. A sandwich made from apple and almond butter
  4. A whole wheat tortilla filled with sliced banana, strawberries and peanut butter or almond butter
  5. Homemade chocolate smoothie with banana, peanut butter and cocoa powder
  6. Baked tomatoes with eggs

However, consuming the right food at this morning meal is important. Ensure that the food you eat includes of all essential nutrients to the body and keeps you away from any health allergies. It is noticeable on business trips, that many restaurants include an elegant, complementary morning buffet in their package and will name it an “All You Can Eat Buffet”. The options usually range from nourishing eggs and grilled veggies, to fruits and cereals with assorted cakes and breads. This is because, a healthy breakfast is not a pure protein one or just one of fruits or vegetables. You need to include some complex carbohydrates also. The best choice is a meal which comprises of carbohydrates, fiber, protein and healthy fats from nuts.

If you do not have much of an appetite in the morning, you can have a glass of low fat milk, real fruit juice free from concentrated syrups, a protein shake or a protein bar. Some other healthy snacks can be homemade fruit-nut muffins and coconut-orange-date balls if you have more time. But, always remember to read food labels, looking for serving size, sugar, sodium and calories. If you choose a grain based food, ensure that it is whole grain. It is also better to take whole fruit instead of juices, as juicing lowers the fiber content. Finally, limit the intake of sugary cereals, breakfast bars and pastries. By making some small changes in our food pattern, we can remain fit and strong.

A morning meal is the most important meal of a day. Regular intake of breakfast is one of the most vital habits anyone can have for their well-being. The benefits are countless and obstacles can simply be met with minute tactical pre-planning. Many families are now considering breakfast time as family time; to sit, have food, and bond, even if just for a short time before starting to the day work. Having food together with family strengthens relationships and will help kids have good habits. Let’s eat breakfast like a king!

Studies by the NIH have also shown men and women who continually skip breakfast have shorter life spans than those who eat breakfast daily.

If you have further questions about eating right, meal plans or dieting, please ask a doctor!

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ATD Team

We are a team of healthy living bloggers at Daily Dose that write articles we feel will help our users LIVE BETTER.

ATD Team

    We are a team of healthy living bloggers at Daily Dose that write articles we feel will help our users LIVE BETTER.

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