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The Importance of Yearly Checkups

Today’s world does not always seem to be a happy place to live. Every day we hear about the wide varieties of problems evolving, especially related to our health. The advanced world has brought much more comfort to our lifestyle, however, it has paved the road to the development of many serious health problems like obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and depression. When we start to talk about our health, the topic of medical concerns never ends. Therefore, what is the solution to this our list of major medical concerns?

The solution can be in the participation of yearly medical checkups or annual physicals.


What Does it Mean to Have a Yearly Physical?

It is very simple. Every year, you visit to your family doctor or any other doctor to receive a medical checkup even though you feel healthy. Although it is more suited for people above 50 years of age, yearly physicals are not limited to anyone. You can have a physical check-up as young as age sixteen.

How Many of us Freely Visit a Doctor for a Yearly Medical Checkup?

The world’s statistics say that women are more concerned about their health than the male population. Men feel that they are strong, fit and ideally healthy. They tend to feel more invincible than women, thinking diseases will not affect them. This misconception is one of the reasons for the very low percentage of male participation in annual physicals.

Why We Need to do Yearly Medical Checkups? How are They Going to Help Me?

The answers to both of these questions lie within knowing the real benefits of yearly medical checkups or annual physicals.

The annual physicals help the doctor to determine your current state of health. It is very important to determine the state of your health even if you do not have any known trouble incase there is anything hiding. Simply measuring your height and weight, blood pressure, blood cholesterol level, blood sugar level and anamnesis of your past and present medical history usually does this. This complex information combined will help determine your new set of medical information.

For most people, annual phsicals or yearly medical checkups work as a lifesaver. The annual physicals reveals the presence of the disease, even though those sets of people thought that they were healthy.

How Can One Visit a Year Help?

Early detection of any disease can be easily treated in comparison with late stage detection.

The yearly medical checkups not only sort out any ongoing health concerns, but it can also predict the future and helps to eliminate the risk factors which might be dangerous or threatening to your upcoming health.

The single annual physical can help you to prevent high cost medical bills and many visits to the doctor throughout the year.

I hope you can see the real advantage of visiting the doctor yearly for your medical checkups. This single visit prevents and protects your health from various disease threats that can be seen or unseen. However, keep in mind it is necessary to continue to follow up if with the doctor there is a need or as per your doctor’s advice.

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ATD Team

We are a team of healthy living bloggers at Daily Dose that write articles we feel will help our users LIVE BETTER.

ATD Team

    We are a team of healthy living bloggers at Daily Dose that write articles we feel will help our users LIVE BETTER.

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