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Top 5 Super Fruits To Eat

Apples aren’t the only fruit that will keep the doctor away. Many fruits are packed with nutrients and disease-fighting phytochemicals, and unlike many vegetables, they taste sweet and delicious. They’re easy to like and easy to incorporate into a wide variety of kid-friendly dishes. It’s often easier to get kids (and picky grown-ups) to eat fruits than veggies, so save the battles and keep your family healthy and happy by adding these 5 widely available “super fruits” to your daily diet.


Blueberries: Frozen or fresh, medical authorities agree that blueberries pack a super punch in everything from warding off urinary tract infections, reducing heart disease, fighting cancer, and even boosting brain function and memory. The fun blue color is caused by anthocyanins, an inflammation reducing antioxidant that is not detrimentally affected by freezing. Add these nearly fat-free berries to everything from smoothies, cereals and peanut butter sandwiches to savory salads and spicy sauces.

Coconut: Not that fat is bad: coconut meat is high in a type of medium chain fatty acid (MCFA) called Lauric Acid which may protect the body from infections and viruses. In addition, coconuts are a rich source of minerals like calcium, selenium, magnesium and phosphorous as well as B vitamins. Drink the clear coconut water for a hydrating post-workout or playtime beverage, or use the fatty coconut milk as a dairy-free substitute in any recipe calling for milk.

Avocados: Another source of healthy fat, avocados offer an easy way to add nutrition to any meal, savory or sweet. These buttery fruits are high in Vitamin E, a fat-soluble vitamin pivotal for healthy, radiant skin especially during the dry winter months. Try spreading avocado on toast, serving over rice or quinoa, or even blending with cocoa powder into a smooth, fatty chocolate pudding that everyone will love!

Bananas: Beloved by athletes, bananas are great energy boosting food for kids and grown-ups on the go. Their high potassium content helps balance electrolytes, maintain healthy blood pressure, and they may even boost your mood. Bananas contain high-levels of B-vitamins and a natural mood-enhancer called tryptophan. These easy-to-pack fruits are tasty on their own or as a smoothie base, but they also star in a surprising number of ethnic cuisines. Try baking slightly under ripe bananas and serving with salsa and guacamole or steaming them into a South Indian Banana Curry.

All Citrus Fruits: Research shows merely the sunshiny aroma of freshly sliced orange or lemon can lift your spirits and put you in a better mood. This cheery effect plus their high Vitamin C content makes citrus excellent for battling winter blues, colds, and flus all at the same time. There’s an impressive array of citrus fruits available these days, so experiment with tangelos, tangelos, mineolas, pomelos, satsumas, tangerines, key limes, Meyer lemons, and more. Enjoy them fresh, squeezed over a salad, or baked with coconut cream.

So now you know. You needn’t limit yourself to just these five. All fruits are nutritionally unique and many have their own super powers. Explore your supermarkets, get creative, and above all remember to enjoy your fruit! They’re not only good, but good for you.

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ATD Team

We are a team of healthy living bloggers at Daily Dose that write articles we feel will help our users LIVE BETTER.

ATD Team

    We are a team of healthy living bloggers at Daily Dose that write articles we feel will help our users LIVE BETTER.

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