Damage in early pregnancy

Patient: Good Morning,I need some urgent advice please.I am 32 years old and in a loving and stable relationship, and we have just found out that we are 2 to 3 weeks pregnant.This was not something at all that we had planned or were ready for yet, but now that it has happened it seems like it might be the right time for us (also given my age too)There is something that is really really concerning me though. I usually smoke and so since I was completely unaware of my situation I have been smoking over the last 3 weeks (I have obviously instantly stopped now, but obviously concerned about the damage I will have already done without being aware)We have also had several events on lately and friends visiting us here so had evenings out and lots of meals out with lots of wine etc….and again I know this is the worst thing in the early stages of pregnancy to be drinking heavily….When I think back too I have a morning strong coffee from a coffee shop & I’ve been eating things like Brie and crackers at BBQ’s (which again I’m aware you are not meant to do during pregnancy)All of these things were obviously because I had no idea I was pregnant…my periods are usually irregular so being 2 weeks late didn’t really panic me and I’ve not felt ill or had any other symptoms that would have made me suspicious.Since I am no aware I am pregnant I can now do all the right things and not smoke, drink or eat the wrong foods etc, but my question is, is it too late for that after the 3 weeks of doing all the wrong things? Would we be making a terrible and selfish mistake to go ahead with this pregnancy given the damage I have sadly potentially caused without being aware? You honest advice would be much appreciated (however hard it might be for me to hear)And if you do recommend me terminating this pregnancy then will this affect my chancves of falling pregnant again?Many thanksKind RegardsNicole

Symptoms: None