Dandruff, itching and losing hair with white bulbs

Patient: Dear doctor,I am 22 year old male, losing hair for past 4 year. When I was at the age of 16, I started suffering from dandruff and itching on my scalp. But i ignored it. At the age of 18 my hair started to falling suddenly in a large amount.Hair falls with a white bulb at the root.I have no heredity of baldness from my father side. Is dandruff leads to hair fall ? I used Nizoral shampoo to clear the dandruff for two months, but it didn’t worked for me instead, I lost more hair during the period of usage of Nizoral.By past 4 for years of hair loss my hair density is reduced by larger amount. I feel pain at the roots of hair when I run my finger through hair strands. My scalp is oily and hair strand thickness is good conditionNow doctor suggested me to use Minoxidil for hair loss. As am still suffering from itching and dandruff, if I use Minoxidil in this condition will it be effective? I read that, If I start using Minoxidil I can’t stop using it. Instead of using minoxidil if I use another way to clear the dandruff will it reduce hair fall and itching?

Symptoms: Itching
hair fall with white bulb
oily scalp