Dark bleeding after sex

Patient: I would like to know what the course are for bleeding for 2 day after intercourse…dark not spot and heavy flowing just little..colour is dark not as usual menstruation. My menstruation cycle stopped 10 days ago

Symptoms: Slightly cramps

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Bleeding even in the form of dark blood in a sexually active lady after sexual intercours e, needs to be investigated.The causes could be hormonal imbalance, pill related side effect, an early sign of cervical cancer, a cervical polyp or any uterine pathology. Pregnancy and abortion also must be ruled out.Inflammation of the cervix along with an infection may also lead to such kind of bleeding. Kindly see a gynecologist immediately and get yourself examined for the above. The doctor may ask for a few blood and urine tests. An ultrasound and pap smear may also be needed. Further tests like colposcopy or biopsy may have to be done if the pap smear and ultrasound are suggestive of any changes.Do not worry, these steps need to be followed to be on the safer side and get things treated at the earliest. If everything is normal, the doctor may wish to treat you with hormonal supplements or antibiotics, only if needed.Hope this helpedRegards